How to Be A Good Kisser

Geplaatst op 2024-04-09

Categorie: Lifestyle

Every first kiss is unique, powerful and very inspiring. In most cases it becomes the first intimate impression women have from you, so you got to make it the very best. A good kiss usually means a faster way to bed, while a bad kiss can definitely ruin your chances with ease. In the following guide I will explain which are some of the points that make a kiss special, and what must all men do in order to be remembered as great kissers.


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Look and be kissable

Dress up nicely, have a nice breath and your lips in shape. Those are three things anyone who wants to be kissed should know from the very beginning. It’s simple, but many men just don’t realize how important they are. Don’t eat garlic or onion before going out, and always have a couple of mints with you to tackle bad breath. Balm your lips if they are broken or destroyed, and always be presentable, well dressed. Put yourself in a woman’s feet and think, Am I kissable? The answer must be an outright yes!

Use your hands

It’s true that when you kiss, the main protagonists are your lips. Nevertheless, your hands play a very significant, if not vital, part in the whole story. You got to make the most from them, so use them and do it wisely.

When kissing, especially in the most passionate moments, I strongly advice taking one hand up to her head. Gently touch her face and let it rest in her hair. Then, while you kiss, slowly move it around – Grab and release the hair, always matching the rhythm and temper of the kiss. Make it romantic. As for the other hand, think of it as a joker: use it everywhere. Place it behind her back, make it hold her free hand too or also take it all the way up to the head.

Kiss her everywhere

A great and romantic kiss is not only focused on the mouth and lips. On the contrary, a good kisser knows how important is to tackle other parts of her head and body. The number one spot that all women love is their neck. Gently kiss her neck, going up slowly until you kiss her ears. Kiss her forehead, where her hair starts and even her nose.

Kiss everywhere but in the lips, build up to the great moment. Instinctively, women will get anxious waiting for you to kiss them in the lips. Make the most of that anxiety, build it up. Then, when the moment comes the kiss will be much more magical.

Kissing rhythm

Change your rhythm on the way, don’t be monotonous. Some moments will demand you to be aggressive, while in others you should be mild and calm. Calibrate to those moments your lips, hands and your tongue. Do small kisses and also long ones. Take the lead and let her take it too.

After kissing her for a long time, stop and look at her in the eyes. Smile, say something nice and hold her tight. Don’t be a machine, make her feel special. That’s why smiling, looking at her and speaking is also very important. Do it, inspire her.